Q: Is FreeAccounts completely legal?
A: YES! We only give out accounts we own.

Q: How do you get the accounts?
A: Read our Terms Of Service.

Q: What is FreeAccounts?
A: A free account generator.

Q: How can I use FreeAccounts?
A: You can ether use our Website or invite our discord bot to your server.

Q: My account doesn't work!
A: That can happen sometimes just try generate another one.

Q: I wanna talk to you! How can I contact you?
A: Join our discord support server and make a ticket.

Q: Why do you have so much ads?
A: We earn money(not much) to show them to you and we need money to keep FreeAccounts running.

Q: What do you do with all money you earn?
A: 1: It is not much. 2: We pay for accounts and host.

Q: I get no profit from using your API?
A: Yeah. we know... if you want go profit by using it add one $link to it or something.

Have any questions that is not here yet? Join our discord support server make a ticket and ask us there!